Baltic Beauty

The capital of Lithuania is considered the ornate beauty of the Baltic. From beautiful architecture to go-karting and zip wire experiences through the tree tops, Vilnius also caters for diverse interests.

Vilnius is one of the cities in Central Europe, laying the farthest east, which represents a strong mixture of Eastern and Western cultures. Vilnius is known for its baroque architecture, seen especially in its medieval old town. But the buildings lining this district’s partially cobblestoned streets, reflect diverse styles and eras, from the neoclassical Vilnius Cathedral to Gothic St. Anne's Church.


Boyar Studio

Boyar Studio is a professional recording studio that specializes in recording, editing and mixing. The studio works with professional musicians, and aspiring artists. Whether your project is modest, or a full-scale production, please contact Boyar Studio.

The acoustics have been specially designed and installed in an environment that lets you obtain the best possible sound from your musical instruments. We use the highest quality recording equipment, which allows simultaneous recording of the band - up to 22 separate audio tracks.

Should the need arise we can also help you to find local session musicians.


€, Ground Floor Apartment

Cozy 3 room apartment is comfortable up to six people.
TV, Wi-Fi, parking.
2 km city centre; 0.5 km studio.

€€, Vilnius Nilėja Guest House

Modernly equipped single, double and triple rooms.
TV, Wi-Fi, parking.
1.5 km city centre; 1 km studio.

€€€, Silvija Guest House B'n'B

TripAdvisor: "#1 BNB in the capital of Lithuania."
TV, Wi-Fi.
1 km city centre; 4.5 km studio.



Boyar Studios is a hidden jewel close to the heart of Vilnius, the beautiful capital of Lithuania. Easy to get to only a few bus stops or a cheap taxi ride from the centre, very well insulated and sound proof studio in a minimalistic clean and organized basement. The brilliant sound engineer Jaro is very skilled, accommodating and friendly with years of experience in Studios in the UK and elsewhere. One of my favorite Studios in Europe. Good service for a fair price. (Highly) recommended. ...I put "highly" in brackets because I would like to maintain returning customer with available studio hours also after this recommendation...:)
Kailash Kokopelli / from Sweden

I recently had the opportunity to record an extended EP at Boyar Studios and the entire experience has been highly satisfying. From beginning to end we worked as partners with the goal of acheiving a quality result. Jaroslav not only has a first rate but he creates an atmosphere that facilitates the creative process.
George V. Kairys / from Canada