Venice of the North

Stockholm has been glorified and praised by many poets, historians and visitors from all around the world.

The city is the mixture of old and new, greenery and water, picturesque narrow streets and engaging modern broad ones and it gives you a feeling you never experienced before. Stockholm is the right place to visit, because it incorporates so many different activities and explorations: rich art museums, mesmerising Swedish cuisine, the maritime life, countless events happening indoors and outdoors all the time, and of course marvellous nature sights. Moreover, the capital of Sweden stands out with opinions of its residents: there is no place more poetic or vivid than Stockholm.


Nice Valley Studio

Nice Valley Studio has all what it takes to cope with modern musical productions at the highest level.

A Well equipped Studio provides recording, mixing, mastering services, what is more, young and restless sound engineer can ensure to extract the best result from recordings of drums and guitars and present you with the sound you are looking for.


€, Acco Hostel "One of our bestsellers in Stockholm!"
Wi-Fi, parking, non-smoking.
1 km city centre; 7.3 km studio.

€€, Loginn Hotel

The cabins hold high standard.
TV, Wi-Fi, parking.
0.5 km city centre; 7 km studio.

€€€, Central Hotel

Carpe Diem beds and wooden floors; face a peaceful courtyard.
Wi-Fi, parking, non-smoking.
1 km city centre; 8.5 km studio.