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    Sightseeing and recording in one place
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About RecTrips

Recording trips - is a platform where musicians find studios to record their music while visiting new places.

This solution helps musicians choose their destinations suitable for tourism and recording their material.

On RECtrips musicians can find sights of interest perfect for their and their band needs, fulfilling perfect holiday scenario of a busy musician.

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What Musicians Say

Boyar Studio is a hidden jewel close to the heart of Vilnius. Easy to get to from the centre. One of my favorite Studios in Europe. Good service for a fair price. Highly recommended.
Kailash Kokopelli / visited Vilnius

Attests that Treasure Isle's "Simply The Best Live-Tracking Room in Nashville."
George Massenberg / visited Nashville

Top Cities


Vilnius, Lithuania

Vilnius’ old town is the largest old town in The Eastern Europe. Read More

Nashville, USA

Live music to be heard all across town, 24/7, 365 days a year. Read More

Stockholm, Sweden

The city is the mixture of old and new, greenery and water. Read More

Toronto, Canada

The influence of 200-plus ethnicities makes it lively and vivid. Read More

New York, USA

A place of dreams and possibilities. Read More
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